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MV Seabourn Encore is an up and coming luxury cruise ship send under development by Fincantieri of Italy for Seabourn Cruise Line. The first of another class of boats around 26% bigger than Seabourn’s three Odyssey-class vessels, it will hold around 34% more travelers, in view of twofold inhabitance. It was conveyed on 30 November 2016.

Seabourn marked a letter of purpose for the development of Seabourn Encore in October 2013, and declared its name in January 2015. A steel plate-cutting function was held in April 2015.

Seabourn Encore will be bigger than the Odyssey-class vessels, with an extra deck and extended open zones. Adam D. Tihany, a notable accommodation inside fashioner, was delegated to plan the indoor and open air visitor offices. As indicated by Fincantieri, fuel utilization will be “fundamentally diminished” by enhancement of the ship’s hydrodynamics.

Seabourn Encore is because of enter administration in January 2017, after two “pre-inaugural” travels withdrawing in December 2016. It will have a naming function in Singapore on January 7, 2017, and will then withdraw on its official first journey, a 10-day voyage to Bali, Indonesia. After the launch, which sold out in only two days, Seabourn Encore will make a beeline for Australia.

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